56000095-A Giant Gas control valve

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56000095-A Giant Gas control valve UG30, UG40, UG50, UG60
30 gallons 40 gallons 50 gallons 60 gallons
UG30-30MF-N2U, UG40-34LF-N1U, UG50-38LF-N1U, UG60-47MF-N2U,
UG30-27MF-P2U UG40-38LF-N1U, UG50-40LF-N1U, UG60-52MF-N2U,
UG40-36LF-N2U, UG50-40LF-N2U, UG60-42MF-P2U,
UG40-40LF-N2U, UG50-36LF-P1U, UG60-47MF-P2U
UG40-32LF-P1U, UG50-38LF-P2U

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Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions31 × 13 × 13 cm


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