YORK Furnace Parts List

02543257000York YOI02543257000 97% Modulating Gas Valve For GEN2 36J27-508, 507819 Models Multi-Position Natural Gas Furnaces
32647781000York 326-47781-000 Inducer Combustion Motor Assembly For YP9C120D20MP12C Gas Furnace
02425110000Blower Motor 1/2 Horse Power 115 Volts 1075/3
02425811000Switch Control
02521166001York S1-02521166001 Ceramic Fuse Link
02812482000Condensate Trap
02814723000Trap Condensate
28453209York S1-2845-3209 Venter Motor, 3200 RPM, 115 VAC
29403551York Coleman S1-2940-3551 Plastic 3-Pole Plug In Heat Relay, 24V Coil
32425008000York S1-324-25008-000 Venter Assembly, 115V, 3450 RPM
3263145900032631459000 MOTOR MOUNT BRACKET
32632070000York S1-326-32070-000 CCW Venter Motor Assembly with Gasket, 1/40 hp, 3000 RPM, 115V
32812451000York S1-32812451000 2 Cell Condensate Pan For Down Flow Natural Gas Furnaces with Gasket
32812454000York S1-32812454000 Cell Condensate Pan with Gasket
7956336P7956-336P GAS VALVE
02642584000026-42584-000 YORK FAN BLADE
0243527200002435272000 YORK PRESSURE SWITCH
24353290002435329000 BLW,INDUCED F/G8T08012UHA11A
3243607431632436074316 MOTOR,1HP DD MOTOR/F/COLEMAN
2702316PA2702-316P/A LIMIT SWITCH
02527747016025-27747-016 SWITCH FLAME ROLL – OUT
797532817975-3281 FAN SWITCH
32920425001329-20425-001 CARRY OVER TUBE
0150465400101504654001 YRK COMPRESSOR
0221157600002211576000 YRK SUCTION VALVE
0243623700002436237000 YRK MTR, COND. 1/4HP 850RPM
0243623800002436238000 YRK CONDENSOR FAN MTR,1/8HP
0254326700002543267000 GAS VLV F/COLEMAN DGAT070BDD
0263409100002634091000 YRK FAN BLADE 2 BLADE
0281476000202814760002 YRK GASKET FOR SEC. HEAT EXE
0281476200002814762000 YRK COND.TRAP F/PS9C20N100UP
3243194300032431943000 YRK SWTCH,DR SAFETY REPLACES
3243607429432436074294 YRK MTR,BLW 1HP DD 120/240VO
3243607430632436074306 YRK ECM MOTOR W/MOD. FOR YRK
3243607431532436074315 YRK BLWR MTR 3/4HP ECM RPLCE
3731981280137319812801 YRK SEC. HEAT EXCHANGER F/GR
3731983100237319831002 YRK MOUNT ARM OR BELLY BAND
3732782020137327820201 YRK COIL,COND. F/YRK/LUXAIRE
7990645179906451 YRK VENTOR MOTR EVCON DGAT 075
0243526400002435264000 YORK PRESSURE SWITCH
0242510870302425108703 MOTOR BLWR F/YORK 1/4HP 1073
0262406970002624069700 WHEEL BLWR F/COLEMAN MGP75 F
0263402700002634027000 SWTH ROLL OUT COLEMAN 2702-1
3243607430832436074308 MOTOR W MODULE F/YORK
3243607455532436074555 ECM BLOWER MOTOR WITH MODULE
02526908000025-26908-000 LINK FUSIBLE
02435356000024-35356-000 CONDENSOR MOTOR
02425112700Motor Blower 1/3 1070/3 Counter Clockwise 115-1
0262819800002628198000 YRK BLADE,PROPELLER
2940A35412940A3541 TRANSFORMER, 120/24V 40VA 50/6
02427634001York S1-024-27634-001 Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, 0.65 in. WC
0263409200002634092000 YRK FAN 3 BLADE 18″ 34 DEG.R
02619654705York S1-026-19654-705 Steel 48-Blades CW Double Inlet Blower Wheel, 1/2 in. Bore , 10 in. Dia., 10 in. L
03101932002031-01932-002 CONTROL MODULE FIT DGAA077
02211571000022-11571-000 3/8 LIQUID SERVICE VALVE
02211572000York 022-11572-000 Suction Service Valve, 3/4 in.
0732377800107323778001 YORK MOTOR BRACKET FOR YORK
0243624100002436241000 YRK MTOR COND. 1/4HP DD 1100
02426067000York S1-02426067000 1-Speed Condenser Fan Motor, 1/12 hp, 0.5A, 208/230V
0263459300002634593000 YRK FAN 22″ 3 BLADE CW 30 D
02619654014York S1-026-19654-014 Steel 54-Blades CW Double Inlet Blower Wheel, 1/2 in. Bore, 10 in. Dia., 11 in. L
3254102100032541021000 IGNITOR, H.S.I. NORTON REPL.
0243532200002435322000 VENTOR MOTOR
0261965470702619654707 YORK BLOWER WHEEL
3281475700132814757001 YORK CONDENSATE PAN KIT/ YRK
02633999001York 026-33999-001 Draft Inducer Blower Assembly, 3000 RPM, 208 – 230V
29403151York S1-2940-3151 Air Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, 0.3 in. WC
03109199000031-09199-000 PRESSURE SENSOR
37310337702York S1-37310337702 CW Draft Inducer Motor Assembly, 1/50 hp, 115 VAC, 3000 RPM
02423285700Air Pressure Switch FS6348524
02425100700York S1-024-25100-700 Condenser Fan Motor, 1/8 hp, 1075 RPM, 208 – 230V
0252904100602529041006 SWITCH,HI LIMIT, 200/170 O/C
02619654703Wheel Blower 10 X 8 Clockwise 1/2 Bore
03101955000York S1-031-01955-000 2-Stage CFM Selection Fan Timer Control Board
02423238001York 024-23238-001 CCW Furnace Blower Fan Motor, 1 hp, 1075 RPM, 115V
02427632001York S1-024-27632-001 Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, 0.4 in. WC
0263851000002638510000 WHEEL, BLWR 11″ X 11″ 1/2″ E
02529041004York S1-02529041004 Primary Temperature Limit Control, 160F Close, 140F Open
0310299300003102993000 CONTROL BOARD
02435309000Air Pressure Switch
3732378400237323784002 YRK GKT KIT F/CONDENSATE PAN
25277737002527773700 FLAME SENSOR
3243607429532436074295 YORK BLOWER MOTOR W/MODULE
02527792001York S1-02527792001 Manual Reset Flame Rollout Limit Switch, 200F Cut-In
1468215PBYork S1-1468-215P/B Direct Drive Condenser Motor, 1/4 hp, 1100 RPM, 208 – 230V
3281644900032816449000 YORK COLLECTOR BOX F/YRK
02425994000York S1-024-25994-000 Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, 0.5 in. WC
02435285000York S1-024-35285-000 Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, 0.75 in. PF
3732791600137327916001 CIRC BRD F/YP9C060B12MP12CA
0243577600002435776000 YRK SWTCH PRESSURE 0.4″/1.0″
S1PVENTO2RYork S1-PVENT-02R Right Hand Power Venter Blower Motor
02619654709York S1-026-19654-709 Steel 54-Blades CW Double Inlet Blower Wheel, 1/2 in. Bore, 8 in. Dia., 11 in. L
02526392005York S1-025-26392-005 Rollout Switch, SPST, 225F Open, 145F Close
0243628900002436289000 MTR,BLW,1.0,1075/4,CCWLE,115
0253183000002531830000 TEMP CTRL 105 OPEN 165 CLOSE
3243607329232436073292 BLOWER MOTOR DC REPLACES
3243607455432436074554 MOTOR BLOWER ECM YORK
03102959000York S1-031-02959-000 Blower Control Board
0242410300002424103000 CONTROL RELAY
03109198000York 031-09198-000 Pressure Transducer
47320937001S1-47320937001 Hot Surface Igniter with Bracket For DGU and DGD Model Furnace
02435266000York S1-024-35266-000 Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, 0.45/0.85 in. PF
0254325800002543258000 WIRING HARNESS
32435972000324-35972-000 PRESSURE SWITCH
37319801821S1-37319801821 COMBUSTION AIR BOOSTER
0243577900002435779000 SWTCH,PRES. F/LP9C100C20MA
0310916100003109161000 CONTROL BOARD
02435282000York S1-024-35282-000 Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, -0.4/-0.9 in. PF
02529041002York S1-02529041002 Primary Temperature Limit Control, 120F Close, 150F Open
2702300PModular Control Blower
024352670000243526700- PRESSURE SWITCH
02435308000York S1-024-35308-000 Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, 0.6 in. WC
33103009000York 331-03009-000 2-Stage Control Board
0242606701002426067010 YRK COND. MTR 1/12HP 208/230
2702311PS1-2702-311P 90 Degree Bend Flame Sensor For BGD, BGM, BGU, FG8, G8C, GMB, GUB Model Furnace, 3 in. L
02815191000028-15191-000 Exhaust Trap Pipe Vent Assembly For FC9V, FC9T Natural Gas Furances
02541321000025-41321-000 CNTRL TEMP 150-O 110-C
32814756001York 32814756001 Condensate Pan Kit with Gasket, 17-1/2 in. L
33109150002331-09150-002 IGNITION CONTROL
0242608800102426088001 CONTROL BOARD
02435271000York S1-024-35271-000 Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, 0.5 in. WC
0242751900002427519000 MOTOR,VENTOR F/P3HUB1208001A
02526392011York 025-26392-011 Temperature Control, 225F Open, 145F Close, SPST
2736326PYork S1-2736-326P Combination Gas Valve, 1/2 in., 24V, 3.5 in. WC, Natural Gas
33102984000York 331-02984-000 Modulating Control Board
0243588700002435887000 YRK ECM DD BLOWER MOTOR
0254412400002544124000 YORK GAS VALVE
03103010000031-03010-000 CRICUIT BOARD
0310295100103102951001 CONTROL BOARD
0243627000002436270000 YRK MOTOR-BLOWER 3/4HP 115V
0253260600002532606000 TEMP CONTROL 210 OPEN
43101972100York 431-01972-100 1-Stage Hot Surface Ignition Control Board
02435329000York S1-02435329000 CCW Inducer Draft Motor Assembly, 115 VAC
32813229000York S1-32813229000 3 Cell Condensate Pan with Gasket For Coleman and Evcon Equipments
3281642000032816420000 YORK KIT,PAN,CONDENSATE,100M
0243578000002435780000 YORK PRESSURE SWITCH
0243592200002435922000 YORK PRESSURE SWITCH SENSOR
32436073549324-36073-549 1/2 HP ECM MOTOR
0243527000002435270000 PRESS SWITCH F/P3HUA08N04801
024352830000243528300 PRESSURE SWITCH
02530788700S1-02530788700 Flame Sensor For DGU, G9D, G9V, G9T Model Furnace
02431969000York S1-024-31969-000 CCW Blower Motor, 1/3 hp, 1075 RPM, 115V
0242411501902424115019 VENTOR MOTOR
0310088000103100880001 CONTROL BOARD
3733117500037331175000 IGNITION KIT
3243588600032435886000 YORK DOUBLE PRESSURE SWITCH
02538737000York S1-025-38737-000 A/R Limit Switch, 160F Open, 140F Close
14740061AYork HS780 34NL-306A Ignition Module, 120/24 VAC
7966311PColeman 7966-311P CCW Furnace Blower Motor, 1/6 hp, 1000 RPM, 115 VAC
32435817000York S1-324-35817-000 Modulating Inducer Draft Motor Assembly
3243607430532436074305 ECM  BLOWER MOTOR
02529041711025-29041-711 HI LIMIT
7990319PColeman 7990-319P Integrated Control Board, 24 VAC
28453111S1-2845-3111 Flame Sensor Kit
02529041012York S1-02529041012 Primary Temperature Limit Control, 160F Close, 190F Open
02425006706Air Pressure Switch
32436073304York S1-324-36073-304 Programmable ECM Motor, 1/2 hp, 120/240V
02435265000York 02435265000 Dual Air Pressure Switch For Luxaire/York/Coleman Gas Furnaces, SPNO, Close on Fall, 0.55 – 1.2 psi
02435777000York S1-024-35777-000 Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, 1.1 in. WC
02435979000York 024-35979-000 Close On Pressure Switch, 0.15 in. WC
32816419000York 32816419000 Condensate Pan Kit
3264969300032649693000 YORK VENTOR MTR KIT
32812453000York S1-32812453000 Cell Condensate Pan with Gasket
2702321PYork S1-2702-321P Blower Motor, 115 VAC
32816448000York S1-32816448000 Condensate Pan Kit For TM9T080B12MP11B 2-Stage Multi-Position Natural Gas Furnace
0254131800002541318000 LIMIT  SWITCH
37327916002York 37327916002 Control Board Kit For CP8C060A12MP11, CP8C100C16MP11 ECM Modular Furnace
3254268100032542681000 SPARK IGNITION KIT
0253037200002530372000 SPARK IGNITER 21″ LEAD
02529041005York S1-025-29041-005 Limit Switch, 140F Open, 110F Close
02920482000Burner For D1GA / D1GH
33103010000331-03010-000 CRICUIT BOARD
02434562000024-3456-2000 PRESSURE SWITCH
14740041York HS780 34NL-306A Ignition Module Kit, 120/24 VAC 60Hz
32425007000York S1-324-25007-000 Venter Assembly, 115V
32544123000York 325-44123-000 Universal Gas Valve, 3/4 in., Natural Gas, 24V, 3.5 in. WC
33102977000York 331-02977-000 2-Stage ECM Control Board
37320717002York 373-20717-002 Venter Fan Kit
02532625000S1-02532625000 Hot Surface Igniter For BGM, DGU, G8C, MGP Model Furnace
02435274000York 02435274000 Dual Pressure Switch For Furnaces, SPNO, Close on Fall, 0.2/0.4 in. WC
02427653000York 2427653000 Ventor Motor, 3000 RPM, 115V, 60Hz
02530802000York 025-30802-000 Flame Sensor For DU-05N13PWTBH1A, DU-05N13PTFAA1A, DU-05N13PTAAA1A Packaged Air Conditioner
02529010000York 025-29010-000 Spark Igniter and Cable For D4CG120 Single Package Gas/Electric
32816418000York 328-16418-000 Condensate Pan Kit with Gasket For 60000 btu Modulating Furnace
02435647000York S1-024-35647-000 Blower Motor, 1/2 hp, 4-Speed, 1075 RPM, 115V
02435812000York S1-024-35812-000 Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, 0.2 in. WC
02435978000York S1-024-35978-000 Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, -0.67 in. WC
02537499000025-37499-000 FLAME SENSOR
02435275000024-35275-000 PRESSURE SWITCH
0243605201802436052018 PRESSURE SWITCH
02435261000York S1-024-35261-000 Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, 1 in. WC
02435262000York S1-024-35262-000 Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, 1.2 in. WC
02435286000York S1-024-35286-000 High Pressure Switch, SPNO, Close on Fall, 0.9 in. PF
32816447000York 328-16447-000 Condensate Pan Kit For 60000 btu Modulating Furnace
02920482000Burner For D1GA / D1GH
28954101S1-2895-4101 Remote Flame Sensor Kit For BGU, CGU Model Furnace
2940391PYork S1-2940-391P Venter Motor Assembly
7966311PColeman 7966-311P CCW Furnace Blower Motor, 1/6 hp, 1000 RPM, 115 VAC
3264969200032649692000 INDUCER MOTOR YORK